Smart Coruna in Operation

Since March 4th a single portal has given the spanish city of La Coruna access to the city's administrative services, city tours with augmented reality features or real-time traffic reports. The Coruna Smart City project has started to become a reality in it's citizens daily lives, by integrating several themed pilot schemes on a single platform.

During this first stage of integration, data from three out of fourteen pilot-projects which make up the Coruna Smart City project has started to be processed. These consist of a multi-channel events service, guided tours and electronic admin services, available through the portal smart.coruna.es. Among other things, users are able to create personalised itineraries within the city, find out what's going on with traffic or building works, or access information on city services. The portal also provides mobile apps for La Coruna's cultural programme as well as guided tours with augmented reality features.

Alongside this, the city has created an Open Data portal, featuring over 130 data sources for different categories. Information can be freely accessed by all users so that new apps and services can be developed using this data.    

The ultimate goal of this project, designed and developed by a consortium led by Indra, is to integrate the other pilot-projects onto the common platform. With this goal in mind, the spanish city is currently planning or implementing services in the fields of mobility, water, energy, the environment, leisure, tourism and security, which will be linked to analytical tools, so as to proactively respond to citizen's needs. This January, for instance, city authorities began to install smart water meters, so that information on public water consumption can be updated in real time.

To create this truly 'smart' Coruna, the city depends on SOFIA2, the Internet of Things solution created by tech company Indra, with it's big data and cloud capabilities which allow the interconnection of systems, mobile devices and social networks. The project has a total budget of 11.5 million euros, and is 80% financed by the European Union.



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