Which skills is Portugal short of?

There is a shortage of tech engineers in Portugal, but also of professionals in the fields of information, comunication, economic sciences, automation and operations/logistics, according to the 47 companies which make up BCSD Portugal - Business Council for Sustainable Development, in a study released by the organism.

In this inquiry into the relation between the needs of companies and what's on offer in the jobs market, the prediction is that computer engineering will be the most valued skill in 2016. The businesses interviewed for this study stated their intention to hire 1200 professionals of this field in the coming year, making up a third of the total of new hires the 47 companies will be making.

In terms of education provision, the priority is to align vocational training with practical recruitment needs, since according to 70% of respondents, the secondary level curriculum is "inadequate". The scenario in higher education is better, where the percentage drops to 10%.

In total, the 47 businesses state they intend to create 7500 to 11 200 new jobs from 2017 to 2020. Before that time, though, the recruitment target for 2016 is 3600 new jobs (a 1.5% increase on the current workforce). At present, these are companies who collectively employ 240 thousand staff and generate 67 billion euros.

The release of these figures coincides with the signing of a protocol between BCSD Portugal and the Ministry of Education and Science, enabling the businesses which are part of the Business Council to have a closer involvement defining the guidelines for vocational training, which is taking place next monday.

BCSD is made up of business leaders and has been promoting sustainable organizational models since 2001. Among the companies taking part in the study, among others, are ANA Airports, Nestlé and IBM.