Portuguese city leads coalition of millenial cities

Combining historical heritage with innovation, sustainability with new technology, in a triangle uniting communities, businesses and universities ­ these are the ambitions of a new coalition of European cities classed as Cultural Heritage by Unesco. Led by the Portuguese city of Guimarães; Dubrovnik, Croatia and Koper in Slovenia make up the initiative’s trio of smart millenial cities, which was made official last week, in Brussels.

The coalition they formed will be the basis for community funding applications, potentially benefitting from the larger scale of the joint candidacy. The aim is for the three cities to show innovative pre­commercial solutions in the fields of IT, infrastructure optimization, mobility or energy efficiency, among others.

Aside from the joint applications, the cities hope to benefit by sharing planning and management tools for innovative and “environmentally sustainable” projects.

The protocol was signed during the European Sustainable Energy Week, which took place last week, and also marks the start of the 1000Years/1000Smart network, an EU Commission initiative which fosters local activities all over the European Union.