What can companies do to cut costs, reduce their carbon footprint and strengthen the bonds between employees? The answer could be in the way workers get around for their daily tasks. Why not share rides?

Ridesharing within companies is not a new idea, but it isn’t always easy to put into practice. With that in mind, tech company Bizdirect has developed an app to help businesses and their employees: CarPooling.

The process begins when a user creates a ride, to a specific place and at a set time and date. That ride is then shared with other users, who can then accept the ride if it suits their needs. The app features a search function and enables users to join or give up the ride, as well allowing the original poster to cancel the ride if need be. Whenever a trip is cancelled, all users are notified. So as to keep the community engaged and active, CarPooling also features a dashboard ranking the top 5 users offering rides, taking rides, the most sought after destinations and the amount of carbon emissions saved by week, month or year.

“This is an ecological, economic and social form of mobility, which allows you to not just share a car, but also share experiences” explained  Pedro Silva, the SharePoint Solutions Manager at Bizdirect. In his opinion, ridesharing enables its users to save time and money, while enhancing the sense of community and belonging within the company. The advantages don’t end there, he argues, it can also maximize the use of car parking, reduce corporate stress levels, cut carbon footprints as well as the chance of accidents and significantly lower the number of single-occupant car trips within a city.